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Our Programs

Family Recovery

Group for families offering education around addiction and recovery while fostering a supportive place for parents, family members, and caregivers.

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Our Programs


Referral only and approved by PEP. For individuals who’ve been through the court system for drug-related offenses. Restorative justice program.

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Our Programs


A no-pressure environment for youth involved in substance use to explore their situations through casual discussion and education.

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Our Programs

Family Mentorship

Available within the Family Recovery Group or upon request. Requires mentorship training.

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Offering a Helping Hand PEP offers a supportive place to share what’s going on for individuals whose children or loved ones are in addiction.

"The Medd-x program is incredible; individuals who have battled addiction...share their stories of recovery and bring hope to the parents."


"With the support from PEP, I have decided to pursue a career helping others with addiction."

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Virtual and In-Person Meetings Join the group in a safe, non-judgmental place. Drop in with no registration required.


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