Webinar General Summary 

In this webinar we explored the 4 C’s of family recovery:

  • I Didn’t Cause It
  • I Can’t Control It
  • I Can’t Cure It

There is a wide range of emotional and logistical stress whenever addiction is present. However, we discuss healthy, alternative thought processes when handling the ramifications of addiction.

Here are some other topics we discussed in this webinar: 

  • De-mythologizing addiction:
    • Our perspective on morality and physiology as it relates to addiction.
    • How addictions develop is not a “black and white” issue. There are many complex contributing factors at play when addiction begins to take root in someone’s life.
    • Overcoming addiction isn’t really an issue of willpower.
  • How the concept of blame incubates within relationships – on both sides of the addiction.
  • Where change comes from and when change begins.
  • Recovery is not a solo adventure. People want to help, and others can help.

For more information on how PEP can assist you on your road to recovery, check out this webinar and visit our website: pepsociety.ca