Lerena Greig, Executive Director2022-06-16T12:08:42-06:00

Lerena Greig has worked in the field of addiction and recovery for over 12 years and has been an advocate for recovery. She has presented all over Alberta to corporations, churches, community groups and foundations on addiction and recovery and has volunteered teaching and facilitating a group of 10 -12 women in a local residential recovery program and with other inner city agencies. In 2015, she was awarded the Philanthropy Supearlative Award for her volunteerism in the community. Lerena believes it’s time that we recognize the challenges with mental health and addiction, change the thinking and behaviour through recovery programs and education; increasing the support and systems to handle this need that continues to grow at an alarming rate; strengthen the family and together we will rebuild hope and healthier communities.

In addition to her knowledge of addiction and recovery, she has over 20 years of expertise in marketing, communications and public relations. Lerena also has her own consulting firm, Lee Dawn Consulting. She coaches and empowers others for change; personally and professionally. She is an published author and inspiring speaker. in 2019 she joined the Board of Directors for Our House Recovery (a men’s recovery treatment centre in Edmonton, AB)

Vivan Dersch, PEP Facilitator2022-06-16T12:08:18-06:00

Vivian joined PEP’s team in 2015. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of addiction treatment and recovery that expands over a 25 year period. She is a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor, Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Coach. Past employment, twelve year as addiction counsellor with what was known as The Edmonton Dream Centre now known as Adeara, a private long term treatment recovery centre for women and their children. Vivian currently is employed as an addictions counsellor with Enoch Cree Nations where she works now with an incredible team of talented, therapists and a community dedicated to the recovery from addictions, and mental health disorders.

Knowing that addiction affects the whole family and community and being passionate to assist families both as a professional and through lived experience Vivian states she was humbled when asked to facilitate for Parents Empowering Parents. She believes that the greatest gift a family can give itself is the strength and knowledge to enter into their own recovery regaining their health and peace.

Rachel Carr, PEP Facilitator2022-06-16T12:09:55-06:00

Rachel Carr has been a facilitator with PEP since 2015. She has an undergraduate Honours degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Community Health Sciences. She spent several years volunteering on a crisis support line in her hometown of Winnipeg. Rachel currently works for Alberta Health Services in mental health and addiction research. In her free time, Rachel enjoys playing slow-pitch and crafting.

Debbie Bridge, PEP Facilitator2022-06-16T12:10:28-06:00

Debbie Bridge joined PEP in 2019 as a facilitator. She is self-employed as a self-inquiry stress reduction Coach and facilitator providing one on one and group sessions to clients wishing to reduce stress and deal with conflict using the concept of self-inquiry.

With her own experience of Parents Empowering Parents, Debbie benefited from the encouragement offered through their structured program that incorporates both support from the participants and education from the facilitators.

She loves being a part of a program like PEP that supports people by listening and encouraging along with giving practical tools that can be taken home and used in everyday life.

Shannon Lust, U-turn Facilitator2022-06-16T12:11:02-06:00

Shannon Lust is a Certified Counsellor with her Masters in Counselling Psychology and is a Child Trauma Academy Fellow trained in the Neurosequential Model of therapeutics and Neurosequential Model of Education. She is currently the lead facilitator of U-turn as well as works at Kitaskinaw School in Enoch Cree Nation. Shannon has done a full “u-turn” to bring her to being the lead facilitator of the group that she once was a youth participant of many moons ago.. Her passion is helping others along their life journey.

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