Parents Empowering Parents (P.E.P.) Society provides education, innovative programming, support and hope for individuals or families dealing with or concerned about substance abuse/addiction.

We commit to improving effective, accessible treatment and positive outcomes for substance abuse/addictions.


Support to empower our members to achieve freedom from the effects of addiction on our families.

Provide education, information, resources and direction for families dealing with addiction.

Actively participate in prevention in our community, provincially and federally to find solutions for families dealing with addicted youth and adult children.

Seek effective intervention and treatment for our youth and young adults who are suffering from substance abuse/addiction.

Support for recovering addicts to maintain sobriety. Offer hope for families, youth and adult children dealing with substance abuse/addiction.


Addiction is a lifelong issue that may never be resolved fully, but personal freedom from the effects of a child with an addiction is possible.

Our Experience Tells Us…

  1. Addiction does not discriminate. Good Parents can have Addict Children.
  2. Addiction does not develop in isolation & neither does recovery. Parents & Families need to be involved in prevention, intervention, and the recovery process.
  3. Children may require adult intervention for proper decision making.
  4. Support services need to be accessible & accommodate the schedules of those in need – the parents.
  5. Marijuana is a Drug and is something to be concerned about.