Motivational Education/Experiences for Ex-Drug Dealers

(A restorative justice program)

Ex-Drug Dealers interested in making amends with the community assist in educating parents based on their personal experience by providing tips & insight into the drug/street world.

Participants attend PEP meetings to listen and participate when appropriate. Participants need to be open to exploring how their past choices have impacted individuals, families, and the community, and respond respectfully to the same.

There is a minimum commitment of 15 Sessions/60 hours. This program can satisfy Court Ordered Community Service Work or Counselling as directed by an individual’s Probation Officer. Successful Completion of the MEDD-X program results in a certificate and provides an opportunity for individuals to stay involved with PEP as MEDD-X Alumni.

All participants for the MEDD-X program must be referred and approved by staff via phone 780.410.8516 or email

Click Here for MEDD-X Rules