Webinar General Summary 

PEP’s inaugural webinar covers a wide range of topics! Topics such as commonly asked questions about addiction and how PEP can help families. Rachel and Debbie discuss what recovery looks like and how PEP partners with families and individuals to reap the benefits of recoveryLerena also offers welcome encouragements and an invitation for you to participate.

Here are some other topics we discussed in this webinar:

  • One aspect of addiction that many people feel, but struggle to express, is that addiction affects more than just the addicted person and those most closely associated with them. Close relationships are often hit the hardest and fastest. Unfortunately, the reality is that one person’s addiction can have a cascading effect on relationships – from those who share the same home even into the surrounding community. 
  • PEP can help you or your loved one suffering from addiction. There are several programs offered through PEP, and we’re certain you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, extended family who has a loved one struggling with addiction, or a youth/young adult at risk – PEP can help. We’re dedicated to finding you the help you need when you most need it.
  • Covid-19 hasn’t stopped us from meeting, either! We’ve been able to adapt to the circumstances by offering free Zoom meetings and have even upgraded our reach by incorporating a new toll-free number (1-877-991-2737 (2PEP)). 

For more information on how PEP can assist you on your road to recovery, check out this webinar and visit our website: pepsociety.ca