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Meeting Locations


Sherwood Park

Strathcona Community Centre (rooms past library (401 Festival Ave) 

2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park



Sunrise Community Church

2nd floor - (no handi-cap access) 

3303-37 Street, Edmonton




10 Year Anniversary Celebration Guest Book


"Marilyn & Tina - you are my Angels! Thank You!" -D.D.


"I wouldn't be here without you! Thank You!" -C.G.


"PEP has given me & my family hope!" -A.S.


"I appreciate all that PEP has given me." -L.T.


"What would I have ever done without you?

Thank you so much :) " -S.F.


"PEP has helped me find a light on this dark journey. Thanks PEP & Maralyn" -B.M.


"Glad to know we're not the only ones!" -D.W.


"Thank you for being an outstanding resource you have become to families in need of change!" -K.A.


"Thanks for being there in my struggle and now allowing me to be part of the organization!" -S.L.


"Just an inspiration for so many. Thank You." -B.D.


"Thank you for the opportunity to attend and grow and give parents the hope to go on!" -C.O. & H.O.


"Thanks for being here!" -E.M. & D.S.


"We have learned a lot and still continue to." -L.S. & V.S.


"PEP has definetely given us support & a lot of informtation about drug abuse & ways to manage this situation.

Big Thanks to PEP!" -D&S


"Thank You..." -B.E.


"I would like to thank all of the facilitators for the last five years of support. I am a better person since I met PEP!"



"This is a place of healing that will help parents & kids"



"I am so blessed to be here & thankful that we have such a great support group here in Strathcona County" -S.L.


"Grateful for this forum & wisdom it imparts. Thankful for the founder courage to create this fellowship group."

-N.W. & C.W.


"PEP = Hope" -J.L.