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Meeting Locations


Sherwood Park

Strathcona Community Centre (rooms past library (401 Festival Ave) 

2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park



Sunrise Community Church

2nd floor - (no handi-cap access) 

3303-37 Street, Edmonton



Thank you to our Volunteers. You are a valued part of our team.

NEW OPPORTUNITY....  PEP would like to invite you to participate in a new Sub-Committee Fund Development.

If you are passionate about change in your community, supporting families in crisis of addiction, we NEED YOU!

Role - event planning and implementing;administration - application forms/policies and procedures for Fund Development;  grant application writing, corporate support to name a few. 


The long-term success of PEP has been as a result of committed and passionate volunteers who:
•Participate as Board Members
•set up and take down meeting rooms
•provide meeting comforts: kleenex, inspiration stones, candy
•provide drug testing kits
•handle bookkeeping and payroll (one individual)
•design our newsletter
•represent PEP in the community/networking
•mentor parents who need extra support
•attend meetings to share strength & hope
•plan and produce our special events
•and so many other contributions, too many to mention here, others anonymously carried out


The team at PEP would like to thank all of those special people who have contributed to PEP in the past, who are fulfilling these roles in the present, and to those who will join our mission in the future.



Thank you for being part of the PEP family

and helping us help

individuals, families, and the community!