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Meeting Locations


Sherwood Park

Strathcona Community Centre (rooms past library (401 Festival Ave) 

2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park



Sunrise Community Church

2nd floor - (no handi-cap access) 

3303-37 Street, Edmonton




Addiction is a lifelong issue that may never be resolved fully,

but personal freedom from the effects of a child with an addiction is possible.



  Our Experience Tells Us…

  1. Addiction does not discriminate. Good Parents can have Addict Children. 
  2. Addiction does not develop in isolation & neither does recovery. Parents & Families need to be involved in prevention, intervention, and the recovery process. 
  3. Children may require adult intervention for proper decision making. 
  4. Support services need to be accessible & accommodate the schedules of those in need – the parents.
  5. Marijuana is a Drug and is something to be concerned about.